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About The Book

Adventures In Cancer Land is a revised, updated edition of Betsy's original book, The Roller Coaster Chronicles, which sold out. There's new material as well as a new section: Tips and Tools To Guide You, in which Betsy discusses steps you can take to increase your chance for the best potential outcome, physically and emotionally. 


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Betsy's CANDID CANCER reports for PBS feature leading experts who share valuable information and ideas to help you through and beyond cancer. t

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Read by thousands around the world, Betsy's popular CANDID CANCER column covers a variety of cancer topics.  It's published on, the online successor to The Ann Arbor News.

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As a health care provider and a terrified family member, this book touched me profoundly personally and professionally. Betsy brilliantly captures an intensely personal journey with an extraordinary blend of humor, keen insight, brutal honesty and compassion for all involved.
- Thomas Fluent, M.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan

This book is a road map for anyone who wants to understand how a cancer patient feels.
- J. P., Survivor and Caregiver

You had me laughing out loud one moment and choked up the next.  Your authenticity and the ability to convey your feelings, insights and wisdom was remarkable.  It made me think about how my own illness has changed me and helped me gain a new appreciation for what my illness means to my wife.  And as a health care provider, it reminded me about the importance of truly "caring" for my patients. 
- Dr. D.F., Survivor and Physician